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Corporate bookings at The Locked Door Escape Games Aberdeen

Team Building

The games at The Locked Door are a perfect activity for team-building in Aberdeen! The puzzles encourage everyone to work together as they progress towards a common goal within the room – it is great for communication and co-operation whilst also being a lot of fun!

The Locked Door is a small, friendly business. Our rooms are completely bespoke; we design all our games from scratch, create our own props and sets, build the puzzles, and do all the artwork. We offer an exciting, challenging and unique puzzle room adventure.

At The Locked Door

We currently have four escape games available at our main location on the Hardgate in Aberdeen – each game has a maximum capacity of six people. All four games can be played at the same time so we can accommodate bookings of up to 24 people during Spring, Summer and Autumn. For groups larger than 24 we can arrange a staggered start time.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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At Your Office

We have two portable 30 minute games that can be hired for your corporate event. Each game can take up to 6 players so it's particularly great for large groups as up to 24 people can play per hour – 2 games of Mission Dash and 2 games of Murder at the Movies. Challenge your employees to work together and complete the game in the best possible time. We'll bring the game to you and can tailor a package to suit your teambuilding needs, contact us for more information.

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Earth's satellite-based defence system has been compromised. The evil Dr. Paine has reprogrammed several satellite missiles to be targeted at Aberdeen's oil bases in 30 minutes' time. A defensive rocket is available to destroy the satellite but it must be refuelled in time. Two security service teams have been assigned to Mission D.A.S.H. Can one of them rescue Aberdeen? Destroy a satellite, hurry!


World-famous movie star Missy Mcfarlane has been found dead after attending the premier of her newest movie, 'Black Granite'. Detective Sullivan has been called in to solve the mystery and discover who the murderer is but he can't do it alone; your team must revisit the crime scene, collect clues and solve a variety of puzzles in order to crack the case!

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