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Treasure Quest

Discover local marine animals while solving fun puzzles! An online puzzle game from The Locked Door escape games Aberdeen

This game was created as part of RSPB Dolphinfest. The fantastic images have been provided by the RSPB team, Niamh Byrne, and The University of Aberdeen. The images have been edited for the purpose of the puzzles.

You’re walking along the beach when you stumble across a large ornate chest… you try to open it but it’s locked with a long code! The top shows a newspaper article with some words missing and the side shows a treasure map. You decide to follow the map to the locations marked and try to discover what is hidden in the box!

Your team must solve a variety of puzzles to complete the game.

  • This game is great for families or smaller teams but can also be played by up to 6 players.
  • No need to be in the same location, you just need a device (laptop preferred). You can use a group call to communicate as you play.
  • Click on certain items in the image to bring up new information. Press the back button to return to the previous image.
  • Zoom in by selecting the magnifying glass. Click on your screen and scroll around using your arrows or scroll bar. Click anywhere to zoom out.
  • You can draw on your screen by selecting the pen tool and scribbling.
  • You can go back to a previous puzzle by clicking on the back arrow.
  • You may also find it useful to make notes using a real pen and paper.
  • When you discover a password, click on the Blue Tick Box in the corner to enter the solution (all passwords are one word answers).
  • If you would like any extra help you can also click on the Blue Tick Box in the corner for a HINT.
  • Can you open the mysterious treasure box…?

Purchase your game for £8
50% of the purchase price goes to RSPB

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